Composite Material

Composite materials consist of fine fabrics in order to achieve an optimal solution for numerous applications with thermosetting resins, uniformly blended with solid lubricants and impregnated with other additives. In addition to our standard material there are also materials available for specific application.

WSW Composite materials offer many advantages compare to conventional Bearing materials of metal, bearings from and other polymers, including:
– Low coefficient of friction
– High load capacity
– Good resistance to corrosive environment
– For use in fresh or seawater without grease lubrication
– Vibration-damping effect
– Insensitive to edge loads
– Easy editing site
– Multiple mounting options: pressing, freezing or sticking
– Dimensional stability
– Use as an insulator against galvanic corrosion
– WSW composite materials are asbestos-free, non-toxic and eco-friendly


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