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Warehousing at WSW

The storage capacities on an area of 2,800 m² allow direct access to the extensive product range. Container and truck deliveries from all world markets are checked, stored and delivered on time.


WSW storage capacities:
  • Storage capacities: 2.800 m²
  • Pallet space: 3.600 units

Logistics of the warehouse

The WSW warehouse logistics is structured in such a way that the picking and dispatch processing is carried out in an optimal environment with short distances. This ensures optimal delivery performance. The use of customer-specific containers and exchangeable load carriers can of course be implemented at WSW.

All logistics processes are controlled with a merchandise management system specially developed for WSW. The scanner-based storage space management is carried out according to the "first in first out" method and minimizes possible sources of error. Batch tracking is part of our quality policy and ensures complete traceability.


Goods Receipt

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33649 Bielefeld

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Goods Dispatch

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