Standardised Accessories

Mounting instructions for accessories

according to DIN 24556 and ISO 8132

Small pivot pins could be driven in by a brazen or cupreous arbour. The arbour should have the same diameter as the pivot pin. To avoid any damage please do not hammer directly on the pivot pin.

For larger diameters pivot pins with the fit m6 cannot be mounted as simple with the same tools.

In this case mounting could be simplified by thermal support.
The clevis (or rod end) should be heated with a hotair blower and the pivot pin cooled in a freezer. In case of an unfavourable allowance, e. g. the biggest possible oversize of the pivot pin in relation to the bore hole, the temperature difference between clevis (rod end) and pivot pin should be min. 40 °C.

Rod ends must not be heated over 130 °C in order to avoid the damage of the lubricant or the possibly existing seals. For the heating please do not use an unshielded flame, e. g. a welding torch or torch lamp as this could cause selective overheating and thermal stress. The pivot pins must not be cooled below -50 °C as this could cause a change of the microstructure combined with an extension of volume.

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