Research & Development

The application-oriented research and development of WSW is based on 4 pillars and is carried out systematically:

  • Basic research
  • Technology Development
  • Predevelopment
  • Product and Process Development


The WSW motto Effective Safe Economical begins with basic research, for example when it comes to developing new sliding materials that meet the latest environmental requirements but still have a long service life.

Then the technology development follows. A wide variety of technologies are considered and finally the most promising are selected for the further steps.

The pre-development of the new products now begins, here the first samples are created and tested in consultation with the customer in accordance with a product development plan.

When the right product has been selected together with the customer, the process continues with product and process development. The respective product and the manufacturing process are further developed so that the customer receives an optimally coordinated overall package.


The technical department has more than 40 years of experience in the area of spherical plain bearings / rod ends / plain bearings and has built up an extensive national and international network in this Business. These include well-known universities with a focus on tribology, where life tests are carried out on special spherical bearing test benches for WSW. Institutes with a focus on materials testing, where material tests are carried out in accordance with the requirements.

The successful developments at WSW include maintenance-free plain bearings for the Solar Industry, lock gates including seals or even for telescopic loaders, to name just a few developments that have proven their suitability thousands of times.

WSW develops and designs in a systematic, systematic, application-oriented manner. 3D design and calculation programs are used here.

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